Ed Harbourne - Attitude, Balance, Control

Being a Personal Trainer in London has given me invaluable experience, and I have had the opportunity to train various types of people from all types of backgrounds with specific individual goals.

I believe Personal Training to be a work of art, tailored to the unique needs of each individual, never compare yourself to others, it’s all about you and what you want. My demographic shows normally I deal with highly stressed, busy and tired 30-50 year old clients, however my client base is very varied.

I specialise in nutrition and supplement protocols for lifestyle, fat loss and body conditioning. My approach is always to listen carefully, be realistic with you about the time and effort needed to achieve your goals. My belief is about keeping it simple, taking small steps and being consistent.

”You can try to catch one rabbit at a time, but you will fail trying to catch two”

1:1 Coaching

Gym based

We will first start with your BioSignature; a system designed to measure fat based on the correlation between body fat storage and possible hormonal imbalances, which are often the culprit of stubborn body fat storage.

Together we will focus on your goals and training programmes, along with nutritional advice and my recommended supplement protocols based on our BioSignature results.

Working on a 1:1 basis gives us a chance to see each other on a daily basis from one of the chosen gyms I am based at.


Bio Signature

Discover your body fat percentage and set yourself new goals by looking at your testosterone and hormonal levels to help us attack the stubborn areas.
Fat measurements, a detox plan and then followed by a 12-week lifestyle plan depending on your goals.
This assessment will guarantee both fat loss and weight loss in 14 days whatever your goal.

Strip Body Fat Now

Online Coaching

For those who cannot attend gym sessions why not video call me for online education about the goals you would like to achieve?

We will discuss your nutrition and supplement protocols for your specific needs. Training programmes can be discussed and bought in the 'store' along side with our weekly or monthly coaching.

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My Locations

W1 based lifestyle coach.

Firmdale Hotels, The Soho Hotel
4 Richmond Mews, Soho, London W1D 3DH

The Covent Garden Hotel
10 Monmouth Street, WC2H 9HB

Hamyard Hotel
1 Ham Yard Soho, W1D 7DT

Fitness First Oxford Circus
15 Great Marlborough St, Soho, London W1F 7HR

What they say..

Working 16 hour days as a Producer is physically and mentally draining. Working with Ed brings the physical balance in line with the mental side.

Sir Colin CallenderProducer

I've always been pretty body conscious and i need a PT with whom I felt no pressure, no judgement and who listened to exactly what I wanted from my workout/dietary/lifestyle requirements.

David AmesActor

After training for many years with and without trainers, I then started with Ed and realised I needed to get more from my workouts, in stead of making it boring always change the way we train, and I have gained 3kg of lean muscle since.

Alex VillagePR

Going to the gym was a completely daunting experience. Ed built my confidence and six months later made me see the whole 'gym experience' in a different light. Every session is different, always introducing new techniques.

Yassie OgbuModel, Singer, Dancer

Ed is an amazing trainer who will push you to your full potential, always curious, professional and sensitive of our schedule especially whilst we were on location. Ed put together a comprehensive diet plan and ensured we received the necessary nutrients to maintain our health and well-being.

Mark BurnettProducer

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