Why not challenge yourself?

1:1 Coaching

What is your goal?
Whatever your goal is, let me help you achieve it. I have over ten years of experience and knowledge within the fitness industry, my clientele is varied which means I know how to cater for different clients needs.

Transformation with Ed

BioSignature and Nutritional Assessment

Single Session 90minute Assessment - £299

1:1 Initial BioSignature Assessment which allows us to see the areas we need to prioritise depending on your goals. Including fat measurements, a detox plan followed by a 12-week lifestyle plan depending on your goals. This assessment will guarantee both fat loss and weight loss in 14 days whatever your goal.

Package at Fitness First, Oxford Circus

10 x 1hr Personal Training - £600

After completing your initial ‘BioSignature Assessment’ we can then personalise a training programme with the 1:1 physical sessions we do together.

Single Session, at any of the listed Firmdale Hotels

1hr single Personal Training session at Firmdale Hotels – £100

1:1 Physical training session.

12 Week Transformation Programme

The Ultimate 12 Week Fat Loss and Lifestyle Transformation.

Personal Training

3 sessions of 45-60min per week.
Completely bespoke to the clients needs


There is a few choices, within Soho.

Frequent Changes

The program usually changes every 4 weeks.

Training Programme

A bespoke training plan, for 12 weeks.

Home Work

A level of cardio involved. This will be on your own, approx 30 minutes 4x weekly.

Bio Signature

Your bespoke protocol, and progress is tracked at weeks 1, 4, 9 & 12.

Supplement Protocols

A bespoke supplement programme based on your BioSignature.

Nutritional Advice

We will design a 12 week plan based on your lifestyle.

Price by application.

Hotel 60 Min

£ 100.00

Per Session
  •  Nutritional Advice
  • Supplement Advice
  • Physical Training Session
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10 x 60 Mins

£ 600.00

Per Package
  •  Nutritional Advice
  • Supplement Advice
  • Physical Training Session
  • Free Bio Signature returns after initial Assessement bought
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12 Week PlanRecommended

£ Custom

  •  3 Sessions per week
  •  Nutritional Advice
  • Supplement Advice
  • Bespoke Training Programme
  • Bio Signature breakdown
  • Frequent Changes
  • Your choice of Facility
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Terms and Conditions. All sessions bought are non-refundable. Unless Ed Harbourne feels that there is a justified reason for not being able to attend any remaining sessions which are bought in a block. In which case you maybe refunded a small sum in return as a gesture of good will. Cancellations: Please note that it’s a 24hr cancellation policy I adhere too and if you therefore need to cancel your session(s) booked in with Ed Harbourne, notification of cancellation or a reschedule must be given verbally by telephone on +44 (0) 770 3777 001 to Ed Harbourne. If not confirmed this will impact Ed Harbourne Personal Training and therefore appropriate notice and confirmation must be given. In the event that you do not give 24 hours’ notice, you will lose the session(s) you were unable to attend and will not be entitled to a refund. All sessions booked are required to be completed within 3 months of Date of Purchase, after which, any remaining sessions will expire and a refund will not be given. If you have purchased sessions and you have commenced training, no refund can be given nor are sessions transferable to other trainers outside of the premises.
Payments: Please note that payments must be made in full before your first session is commenced. Training will not commence until payments have been received. This is my Personal Training cancellations & payments policy.