By 30th September 2015Blog
Simples, try this especially when sometimes it’s just not possible to go to the gym!


*Press-Ups (7 half way down, 7 half way up, 7 all the way. Rest: 60 seconds between each exercise)

  1. Press-up
  2. Eagle press-ups (hands pointing out to the side)
  3. Kong press-ups * (on your knuckles)
  4. Diamond press-ups (shape like a diamond)
  5. 90 Degree crunches – 10 reps. rest 10 seconds. repeat x10 (100)
  6. Bicycle crunches x 50 reps. no rest.
  7. Leg Raises x 25 reps. no rest.
  8. Plank position, touching your hips side-side for 1 minute

After the 8 step circuit, rest: 90 seconds then repeat three times.


If you can try and go for a run or jog outside, I personally hate treadmills and I can’t understand why people use them, get some fresh air and stimulate the mind instead, there are so many other benefits to running outdoors than in!


Ok so when was the last time you changed your ab routine? Most of us seem to stick to the same comfortable exercises. The one thing I always do think with abs is that if you are going to do them at the gym, make good use of the equipment. Use ropes, bars, weights, cables, decline benches, stuff you don’t have at home, but please do yourself a favour and don’t lay on the floor doing crunches!

Use equipment you don’t normally use, floor crunches can be done anywhere!

  • Focus on the movement and intensity, just like any other body part
  • Vary the exercise
  • Try to use explosive core movements such as heavy medicine ball throws or cable wood-chops
  • Don’t neglect your lower back, if you don’t train this separately, make sure you incorporate lower back exercises into abs
  • You should only need to train your core no more than twice a week (remember a lean stomach is found in the kitchen, not just in the gym)
  • Most importantly don’t forget those compound movements that hit the core like dead-lifts and squats.